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Ellen Goldfinch is a school librarian consultant and freelance writer living in Baldwin’s Mills, Quebec. She was Head Librarian at Bishop’s College School for 18 years, and school board librarian for the Eastern Townships School Board for two years. Her articles have appeared in Library Media Connection and The Book Report.

How Something So Small Went So Big

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  Source: How the Little Free Library project launched a global trend. This is a fun posting that I've seen on various social media sites: Tiny Libraries. The Little Free Libraries Project shows that stories and books are still seen as important in our society and as something that should be available to

Free Technology for Teachers Suggests 5 Good Ways to Send Text Notifications to Students & Parents

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Source: Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Good Ways to Send Text & Push Notifications to Students & Parents - A Handout This isn't the first time that I've posted a link to Richard Byrne's wonderful blog, Free Technology for Teachers. It's one of my favourite sources for finding free online tools and apps

Book Care – It’s Good for Everyone

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These are four very funny movies by the Howard B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University.  They are one minute promotional ads requesting that students protect books from leaky water bottles, dog-earring, marking up with notes and food. They could be a great model for any kind of promotional short video that you might encourage

Promoting Canadian Identity and Diversity in Your Library

By |2017-11-13T12:19:22-05:00May 12th, 2015|Bibliographies, Blog Posts, Books, School Libraries, Videos|

Leading Learning, the Canadian Library Association's publication of school library standards, states that, "Our school libraries should reflect our common values of equity, diversity, and cultural identity as well as best approaches in the educational and library professions."  In several standards, it stipulates that print and digital collections are inclusive and support Canadian identity as well as the information needs of all

Using Flipboard as a Curation Tool

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If your students have access to mobile devices, this article - 15 Fantastic Ways to Use Flipboard - has suggestions on how to use the app, Flipboard as a curation tool either in the classroom or the school library. A curation tool is a way to gather resources into one place and on an iPad,

Everybody Wins With the Reading Challenge

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For several years now, Judith Munger, documentation technician at Alexander Galt Regional High School in Lennoxville, Quebec has encouraged reading with a fun reading challenge in which every student receives a prize. Judith spends an entire year approaching businesses and charities to contribute all kinds of small items that students would like. In the spring,

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