New QSLiN Hangouts: Merging Two Libraries, Parts 1 and 2

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In 2015, JPPS Elementary School in Montreal sold its building and began the planning process of moving into Bialik High School.  It was decided that the Bialik High School library would merge with the  JPPS Elementary School’s collection so that there would be resources and services available for all grade levels.  In the two videos

Makerspaces – Yes, You Can!

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We are all hearing a lot about makerspaces in school libraries.  Wouldn't it be great if there was the time and money to visit other school libraries to see how they have solved the various challenges that come with creating a makerspace within a school library? MakerSpace at Main Library, by 5chw4r7z,, CC by

Board Games in the Library – Teen Services Underground

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One of our high school librarians recently told me that she loved offering game boards to the teens in her library because they created an opportunity for one-to-one interaction, thanks to the technological disconnect. So, as we look at varying the services and activities offered in high school libraries, there comes this great post from

Teaching Searching Skills: Don’t Search PERSIA

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The edWeb webinar, Rethinking the Research Paper, was presented by Michelle Luhtala, a regular edWeb presenter who is also the Head Librarian at New Canaan High School in New Canaan, Connecticut and the winner of the 2011 “I Love My Librarian” Award, the 2010 National School Library Program of the Year (NSLPY), and the Connecticut

Top Ten Ways to Match Books to Readers by Dana Johansen and Maureen Mooney Corbo | Nerdy Book Club

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From: Helping students choose the perfect book for their needs is a thing school librarians do on a daily basis. Some of the suggestions found in this latest post from Nerdy Book Club will be familiar, but some of them have a new twist and might just ring a bell with you!

From Library and Learning Space to Learning Commons

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From Library and Learning Space to Learning Commons Presented by Beth Holland, EdTech Teacher and contributor to Education Week and Edutopia Sponsored by Nureva REGISTER HERE In the mobile era, what is the role of physical libraries and learning spaces when every student potentially has a global, virtual library in their pocket? How does ubiquitous

Current Events and Our Students

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Given the tragic attacks that we are reading about in Europe and Africa, it is not unlikely that our students will be talking about these sad events.  Several usually reliable websites have suggestions both for parents and teachers.  Library personnel may want to consult their principals and teachers for advice on how to deal with

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