This isn’t the first time that I’ve posted a link to Richard Byrne’s wonderful blog, Free Technology for Teachers. It’s one of my favourite sources for finding free online tools and apps that can be used to save teachers and librarians time as well as apps that enhance learning through the smart use of technology.  Of course, it’s not about the tool; it’s about the learning.  We all know, we all say it, and we should all go by it!

Having said that, this list of apps is for communication tools that are more useful for time saving and efficiency.  Richard Byrne suggests five different apps that allow you to send reminders and short messages to parents and students, a nice easy way to communicate that can even avoid all sorts of problems later on.

He gives reviews of Remind, ClassDojo Messenger, What’sDue, Class Messenger, and Google Voice with suggestions of how they can be used to keep in touch. Byrne points out that there are more homes with cell phone subscriptions than broadband subscriptions.  That text that gets sent out to a group of students is more likely to be noticed.

Just think what that can do for an overdue list in June! (Note: Always check with your school principal and administration for local guidelines in using this sort of online tool.)