There are many great groups across Quebec and the rest of Canada that provide helpful services to the educational community; teachers, library personnel, administrators, etc… Below is a growing list of groups (and their links) that might prove useful to you. The description of each is taken from their own websites.


Accessible Reading Québec

The Accessible Reading Project is an initiative of the Direction des services à la communauté Anglophone (DSCA) of the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur and the ALDI Initiative, on behalf of the English school boards in Québec.The project strives to increase the availability and use of high-quality accessible digital e-books, resources and assistive technologies that support improved learning opportunities and outcomes for our students.


The site is organized into resources in these categories: Universal Design for Learning, Literacy/numeracy support, AAC, AT and Evaluation, AT guides and Lending Library. In each category there are sub-categories in which you can access videos, information documents, screenshots of the tools, and training resources.

LEARN Quebec

LEARN is a non-profit educational organization that offers, at no charge, a wealth of information and resources for the English-speaking community in Quebec. Building on the merger of four organizations in July 2005, LEARN has developed a variety of resources.

LEARN is a driving force for educational innovation and practice. LEARN brings together the expertise and efforts of educators, students, parents and partners in our community to cultivate success for all learners.  We help people learn and are the most innovative driving force for educational innovation and practice in Quebec.

We serve the educational lifelong learning needs of the English-speaking community in Quebec in line with government priorities. LEARN offers all students who are eligible to attend English schools in Quebec supplemental and complementary educational services and learning resources to support staying in school and academic success.

Livres ouverts

Livres ouverts est une sélection commentée de livres qui s’adressent aux jeunes du préscolaire, du primaire et du secondaire.

Conçu pour les intervenants du milieu scolaire, le site présente des livres qui appartiennent autant à la fiction qu’à la non-fiction et dont les auteurs proviennent du Québec, du Canada, de la francophonie internationale et du monde entier.

Veuillez noter que Livres ouverts est une source de référence en littérature pour la jeunesse et qu’il est impossible d’acheter des livres ou de visionner le contenu des livres numériques à partir du site. Nous vous invitons à consulter une librairie agréée de votre région afin d’effectuer vos achats de livres imprimés ou numériques.

Régulièrement mis à jour, le site propose des suggestions pédagogiques qui visent à donner vie à ces livres en classe.

Livres ouverts’ French language library acquisitions guide.

Quebec Reading Connection

Québec Reading Connection provides information about an extensive selection of quality literature from Quebec, Canada and beyond. Our goal is to further the development of language learning, cultural awareness and the love of reading in children and young people.

We invite teachers, librarians, students, parents, and other stakeholders of English Language Arts and English as a Second Language community across the province of Québec to explore our selections.

Chosen through a rigorous selection process, the titles are intended for young people in preschool, elementary and secondary school. Our extensive database offers classroom suggestions and pertinent connections to the Québec Education Program.

We aim to encourage and support the teaching of reading, writing, listening and speaking while exploring and enjoying literature and culture.

Quebec Reading Connection’s English language library acquisitions guide.

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