The Quebec School Librarians Network (QSLiN), is the Libraries Sub-Committee of the Directors of English Education Network (DEEN). DEEN provides pedagogical leadership for the Quebec English public school system. They address provincial pedagogical priorities for the English public school system.

Who is DEEN?

Under DEEN, the QSLiN mandate is to INFORM, EXCHANGE, CONSULT and DEVELOP.  Our mission is to advocate for the revitalization of school libraries as learning commons, to promote literacy, information literacy skills, and digital citizenship throughout the K-11 curriculum across Quebec and  assist in the education and professional development of educators, school library personnel, and students.

Here’s what we do:

  • Support school libraries that would like to implement Library Learning Commons initiates.
  • Exchange great ideas that have been developed in school libraries across the province
  • Provide professional development for school library personnel
  • Work collaboratively to create and develop tools that can be used in schools
  • Communicate the most recent information available from the Ministry
  • Inform library personnel of current issues and trends in the school library world
  • Offer support to one another to make school libraries vibrant learning spaces for students

List of Quebec English school boards