The Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC) sets out the rules governing the acquisition of  books in the Province of Quebec, whether they be a public library or a school library. This law, in fact,  also applies to all school book purchases as well – elementary, secondary and post secondary. Under LOI SUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DES ENTREPRISES QUÉBÉCOISES DANS LE DOMAINE DU LIVRE, more commonly known as Bill 51, libraries can only purchase books from accredited bookstores within their administrative region. In the words of the MCC:

les acheteurs institutionnels – bibliothèques, écoles, collèges, ministères, corporations municipales, etc. – ont l’obligation réglementaire d’acheter leurs livres dans les librairies agréées de leur région administrative.

If you would like to access the official list of accredited bookstores in your region, you can click on this link.

  • Please note that the list is presented in French only.
  • Also, remember to check both the regular (librairies générales) and special collections (librairies spécialisées) bookstores within your region.

Not sure which region your library is located in?

List of Administrative Regions by English School Board


Map of all the accredited bookstores in the Province of Quebec


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