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Ellen Goldfinch is a school librarian consultant and freelance writer living in Baldwin’s Mills, Quebec. She was Head Librarian at Bishop’s College School for 18 years, and school board librarian for the Eastern Townships School Board for two years. Her articles have appeared in Library Media Connection and The Book Report.

Nicola Davies: Without Libraries We Are Less Human and More Profoundly Alone

This is one of my favourite library/librarian reads in a long time. Written by Nicola Davies, an author of children's books, it's a passionately and beautifully written op-ed on how vital libraries and professional librarians are to their communities. I thought that my QSLiN friends would enjoy this article. World [...]

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Library Technicians: Collaborating and Advancing School Goals

This Thinglink shows how library technicians (in Quebec, documentation technicians) are advancing learning in the schools in which they work. Just click on the dots or hearts, etc. to be taken to the films or websites  that show how they do this. The Canadian Library Association Standards encourage library personnel [...]

Vincent Massey Collegiate – Mural and So Much More

“What is that on the wall?”  Emilia Quintana, newly hired documentation technician at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Montreal was amused by the fact that the symbol painted on the drably coloured walls really perplexed teachers and students alike. She assured them that it had nothing to do with libraries…and then, [...]

Vincent Massey Collegiate: Positive Change Through Collaboration

Emila Quintana, newly hired documentation technician at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Montreal, describes her love of children and libraries in this film.  Emila is joined by English Montreal School Board Librarian, Julia Wagner who talks about how Emilia brought spirit and warmth to the library by making it a social [...]

Artful Student Participation Beautifies the Vincent Massey Collegiate School Library

“I’m a big fan of school.”  “I like getting involved in things.” “I’d like more books with fun facts on history, fun facts on science.”  Have a look at this movie and see why I felt like Julian Taylor interviewed a dream team of students.  Yes, they’re bright.  Yes, they’re [...]

▶ Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration – A very funny parody film

If you've had a rough week in the library, here's something to make you laugh, especially if you don't have a bow tie and if you're interested in the new "breed of male librarians." Part 2 which pops up right after this video is funny as well. I hope that [...]

S.O.S. Librarians on Facebook

In response to the changes that are happening in Quebec and around the country, some librarians are forming a support group on Facebook called S.O.S. Librarians. The group describes itself as "...an open and independent advocacy group for school libraries. School libraries need qualified library personnel. Children who have professionally [...]

Twenty Days | LBPSB Library Resources

These are difficult times for library personnel everywhere.  Carol Ann Case of Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School blogged what it's like to finish up a year in this wonderful post from LBPSB Library Resources: Twenty Days | LBPSB Library Resources Source: Twenty Days | LBPSB Library Resources Her poignant description of [...]

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School Libraries Impact Studies « Library Research Service

Source: School Libraries Impact Studies « Library Research Service Looking for ways to show administrators the positive impact that strong library programs staffed by qualified librarians and/or library technicians has on students' academic success?  This is a great source of studies and statistics: Library Research Service. Right at the top, [...]

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