I’m a big fan of Richard Byrne’s blog, Free Technology for Teachers.  He does post a lot of useful ideas, links, and suggestions.  I subscribe to a weeklycc.large email service that he provides in which I receive summaries of what he’s been posting.

Richard Byrne recently posted an article on best practices for using photos and good resources for finding ones that are copyright free.  He refers to Pixabay, and one of my own favourites (that I keep forgetting to use) Photos for Class.While librarians may be familiar with these, sharing from an experienced and tech-savvy teacher like Richard Byrne to teachers in your learning community may be another way to help them model digital citizenship to their students. I highly recommend checking out these resources as well as Richard Byrne’s blogs

We all want students to practice good digital citizenship when using media from the Internet and as I blog, I have certainly had to be patient and ensure that what I use is not only Creative Commons material, but is properly attributed to the creators.  This goes for the photos I post as well as music in the videos that I make for QSLiN Hangouts.  Digital citizenship really can become a good habit when sharing information with others.