The second session recording video from the 2022 QSLiN Library Symposium is now available; “Making Reading Accessible to Everyone”. Join three Assistive Technology Education Consultants from the English Montreal School Board Elisa Mei-Farina, Andrea Prupas, and Teresa Seminara as they explore and demonstrate the concept of accessibility through the Universal Design for Learning lens, as well as which student learning profiles can benefit from accessible reading materials. They then do a deep dive into assistive technology tools we are using to improve reading accessibility in both English and French. Finally, they explore accessible reading formats that are available on the SQLA, CELA and Bookshare platforms that are available to your students through our English schools in Quebec.

You can view the video here on this page, with the rest of the 2022 videos on theĀ QSLiN Symposium Videos webpage, or on our Youtube channelĀ