Leading Learning, the Canadian Library Association’s publication of school library standards, states that, “Our school libraries should reflect our common values of equity, diversity, and cultural identity as well as best approaches in the educational and library professions.”  In several standards, it stipulates that print and digital collections are inclusive and support Canadian identity as well as the information needs of all learners in the school community.

Our libraries need to help our students in their quests to find who they are, where they came from, and even where they are going. This is why inclusiveness and diversity in the resources that we provide our students are essential.  There are many resources that can help you find Canadian material as well as print and digital resources that represent and highlight the wide variety of groups that make up Canada as a nation.

The film below, a Quebec School Librarians Network film, suggests a few resources that can get you started in fostering Canadian cultural literacy as well as a collection that reflects the population of your school. The list of suggested resources is provided below the film so that you can easily access these websites.


Resources mentioned in the video:

List of resources: