LGTBQ and Gender Identity

The following blog post from Literacy and NCTE is a super intro to the PBS Media free resource: LGTBQ + Identity Toolkit for Educators. Link to the blog post: If you can get your hands on the June 2017 edition of Education Canada, take a few minutes to read [...]

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How Universal Design Will Make Your Library More Inclusive | School Library Journal This post from SLJ does a great job of synthesizing the main aspects of Universal Design. Though a part of the article looks at facilitating access for disabled patrons, it also looks at the many faces of inclusion and making our libraries work for all users. It offers many [...]

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Nicola Davies: Without Libraries We Are Less Human and More Profoundly Alone

This is one of my favourite library/librarian reads in a long time. Written by Nicola Davies, an author of children's books, it's a passionately and beautifully written op-ed on how vital libraries and professional librarians are to their communities. I thought that my QSLiN friends would enjoy this article. World [...]

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French lessons: Why a Montreal library could be the model for Ottawa’s new central branch

Check out an interesting article in the Ottawa Citizen about a new vision for Library and Archives Canada in collaboration with the Ottawa Public Library.  Their model for discussion is the Grande Bibliothèque! French lessons: Why a Montreal library could be the model for Ottawa's new central branch -Meg Sinclair

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H.O.R.S.E. and Diversity by Mike Hays

This seemed like a particularly appropriate reblog as we are celebrating Black History Month. The author, Mike Hays, stresses the positive side of being different and the need to respond to these differences with empathy. As such, the blog encourages us to embrace cultural differences, to take a new look at [...]

Current Events and Our Students

Given the tragic attacks that we are reading about in Europe and Africa, it is not unlikely that our students will be talking about these sad events.  Several usually reliable websites have suggestions both for parents and teachers.  Library personnel may want to consult their principals and teachers for advice [...]

Washington Study Further Ties Quality Library Programs to Student Success

This site is worth keeping an eye on if you are looking for recent research on school libraries: Washington State School Library Impact Study: the full report Curated by Lyn Hay See the new study summarized by Carolyn Sun, in School Library Journal, May 26, 2015 “School library programs are positive [...]

The Interesting Stuff That’s Out There: Online conference, free kids’ news source and more!

Over the summer and at the beginning of the school year, many of us just can't walk away from the library world when we're on vacation. As we sit down to morning coffee, we might see websites, articles and blog posts that we think might be of interest to others. [...]