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School Library Advocacy Challenge

Based upon an original idea from the Texas Association of School Libraries, "Let's Promote Libraries!", we have come up with a local version that we hope will help our school libraries to share what they are doing using social media. This a monthly social media campaign where we encourage you [...]

FREE Conference!

Now that we have your attention, check out the following link to register for a virtual conference focusing on grade K-12 school libraries encompassing technology, social media, Pokemon GO! and many other topics. Registration includes full access to their archives.   Happy conferencing!

Resources from the 2016 Library Symposium Sessions

Hello, Are you looking for the presentations or list of resources from the various sessions at the 2016 Library Symposium? Well, here is the full list of links to help you out! Gwyneth Jones    The links for all three of the presentations by Gwyneth Jones's can be found on [...]

S.O.S. Librarians on Facebook

In response to the changes that are happening in Quebec and around the country, some librarians are forming a support group on Facebook called S.O.S. Librarians. The group describes itself as " open and independent advocacy group for school libraries. School libraries need qualified library personnel. Children who have professionally [...]

Harnessing Social Media for the Classroom

I attended a very stimulating presentation by the consultants from LBPSB Digital Citizenship project during LCEEQ last week.  The presenters adapted a presentation they give to high school students about establishing (and protecting) their "Social Media Identities".  They had lots of simple, effective strategies and ideas.  Here is the link [...]

Harnessing Social Media

Matthew Albert, Educational Consultant, with the Lester B. Pearson School Board has recently made available a guide to what social media is, what the tools are, and how it can be used in education.  He has built an excellent website which is available at: Major features are:  Establishing a social [...]

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