Based upon an original idea from the Texas Association of School Libraries, “Let’s Promote Libraries!”, we have come up with a local version that we hope will help our school libraries to share what they are doing using social media.

This a monthly social media campaign where we encourage you to share / post something about your library on the 15th of every month. It is organized around a new question every month where people are asked to share in response to a common simple prompt. For example, on October 15th the sharing revolves around the question, “Did you know that we can train staff?” or for November 15th “Did you know that we can help with finding / evaluating information?”.  Click on the image to the right for the full list of monthly prompts and to learn more.

Taking part is super easy.

Step 1: Look at the current month’s question.
Step 2: Snap a photo and write your message.
Step 3: Post your message and photo on any/all platforms of social media.
Step 4: Be sure to use #qslin and one or more of the hashtags from the list along
Step 5: Repost/retweet/share