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I am a school board librarian with the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

More on Google’s “Featured Snippets”

A clear explanation of why search strategies are important to teach in our libraries and classrooms.  Critical thinking while using Google needs to be taught.  This report has tracked recent changes in Google results, and exposes bias and inaccuracies caused by reliance on search algorithms. It includes good examples of [...]

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Digital Storytelling Project for High School Students   This might be something to share with your high school librarians so that they can share it with their English teachers.  It began with European teachers of English, but they are looking for North American high school students to participate to make it more global. Quotes from the [...]

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French lessons: Why a Montreal library could be the model for Ottawa’s new central branch

Check out an interesting article in the Ottawa Citizen about a new vision for Library and Archives Canada in collaboration with the Ottawa Public Library.  Their model for discussion is the Grande Bibliothèque! French lessons: Why a Montreal library could be the model for Ottawa's new central branch -Meg Sinclair

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Washington Study Further Ties Quality Library Programs to Student Success

This site is worth keeping an eye on if you are looking for recent research on school libraries: Washington State School Library Impact Study: the full report Curated by Lyn Hay See the new study summarized by Carolyn Sun, in School Library Journal, May 26, 2015 “School library programs are positive [...]

I am Malala

This morning's interview with Malala by Anna-Maria Tremonte on The Current can be heard at  

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On a + note I recommend this public library blog.  The head librarian of Guelph Public Library shares a weekly theme which often applies to libraries in general.  This example called, "What-makes-a-great-library-worker?" is a good example of thoughtful, positive ideas from her blog. Meg Sinclair, Librarian Lester B. Pearson School Board

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Harnessing Social Media

Matthew Albert, Educational Consultant, with the Lester B. Pearson School Board has recently made available a guide to what social media is, what the tools are, and how it can be used in education.  He has built an excellent website which is available at: Major features are:  Establishing a social [...]

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