Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.15.56 AMIn response to the changes that are happening in Quebec and around the country, some librarians are forming a support group on Facebook called S.O.S. Librarians.

The group describes itself as “…an open and independent advocacy group for school libraries. School libraries need qualified library personnel. Children who have professionally trained librarians and strong school libraries do better in school, have more equitable access to resources, and are instilled with a love of reading that will last all their lives.”

This is a great place to post all the wonderful things that libraries are doing as well as all the research that shows the positive impact that libraries have on students academically and personally.  In order to have a world-class educational system, our school libraries need to be world-class too.  Research over the past 10 years has shown again and again that strong library programs staffed by trained personnel affect how students learn, achieve and grow.  Quantitative and qualitative results have been presented time and time again.  This is research that we must continue to publicize in order to make sure that our students have the school libraries that they deserve.

I don’t know about you, but if I hear one more person ask me why we need libraries when we have the Internet, I may…I may…hand them an infographic with stats to show why?

Yes, that is because I am a librarian, and very proud to be one!