New QSLiN Hangout: Macdonald High School Library: Working Together for a Great Library Learning Commons

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In this film, Maria Cavaiuolo, Documentation Technician, Macdonald High School in Ste.-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec (Lester B. Pearson School Board) talks about using student and teacher input in transforming the school library to a library learning commons.  Students particularly wanted more comfortable places to sit and more technology available to them. Teachers also echoed the need for

Principal Jad Deegan and Macdonald High School’s Library Learning Commons – New QSLiN Hangout

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Principal Jad Deegan (Macdonald High School, Ste.-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Lester B. Pearson School Board) enthusiastically points out the advantages of the newly refurbished library learning commons in supporting pedagogy at Macdonald High School. He highlights the advantages of having spaces for collaboration as well as student-friendly computer stations, and laptop or mobile device counters that facilitate

Edwardian Era Library to 21st Century Library Learning Commons

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Converting a space to a library learning commons presents many challenges. Most schools were built at a time when the card catalogue and the encyclopedia were the primary means by which students tracked down the information that they needed or found the books that they wanted to read. Many school libraries may still be arranged

A Principal’s Vision for a Rural School Library – New QSLiN Hangout

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In this new QSLiN hangout, we leave the city and go to Sawyerville, a small village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec where we meet Norma Humphrey, the principal of Sawyerville Elementary School and Pope Memorial Elementary School that are within the Eastern Townships School Board. At the time of this filming, Sawyerville Elementary School

New QSLiN Film: Quebec Principals on the Importance of School Libraries

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The QSLiN team has been filming great features of school libraries in Quebec for close to two years.  Over time, members of the team have spoken with principals who are very eloquent in expressing the importance of the libraries in their schools to students, teachers, and to all in the learning community. Some of these

Resources from the 2016 Library Symposium Sessions

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Hello, Are you looking for the presentations or list of resources from the various sessions at the 2016 Library Symposium? Well, here is the full list of links to help you out! Gwyneth Jones    The links for all three of the presentations by Gwyneth Jones's can be found on her site. LEARN Makerspaces:

The School Library Symposium – Resources, Notes, and Tweets

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Every year, the Quebec School Librarian's Network organizes a school library symposium for the anglophone educational community.This year, the theme was School Libraries: Empowering Ourselves, Empowering Others.Last week, excitement was in the air as rock star librarian, Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian opened the symposium as the keynote speaker. Her three sessions - Choose to be a

A School Principal on the Importance of His Library Learning Commons

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In this new QSLiN Library hangout, Roger Rampersad, principal of Riverdale High School (Lester B. Pearson School Board), talks about the advantages of having a library learning commons as opposed to a traditional library.  The film highlights a variety of ways that a school can upgrade the library's spaces using recycled materials and still have a

QSLiN Hangout at Riverdale High School: Transforming to a Library Learning Commons

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When a school library has a set up that can be described as a rabbit warren with shelves obstructing the view, it's time to make a change.  Susan Strano, documentation technician, went to work on making that change with the help of Suzanne Nesbitt, library consultant, at the Lester B. Pearson School Board on the

Increasing Use of a Library With a Learning Centre Model

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Many libraries are in the process of creating makerspaces as a way to support innovative teaching and learning. Yet, Big Walnut School in Sunbury, Ohio took a different approach as they already had a makerspace in another area of the school. They adopted a learning centre model. You can listen to a podcast describing the different road that

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