In this new QSLiN hangout, we leave the city and go to Sawyerville, a small village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec where we meet Norma Humphrey, the principal of Sawyerville Elementary School and Pope Memorial Elementary School that are within the Eastern Townships School Board.

At the time of this filming, Sawyerville Elementary School was in the process of planning how to make their small library’s collection more accessible to students and to upgrade the look of the library. The card catalog was outdated and it was felt that, given the resources that they had, arranging the library by genre would make it easier for students to find the books that they were looking for.

In the film below, Principal Humphrey talks about her vision for the library as a place for students to work on projects, to be creative, to go beyond the confines of classroom rules and to be a place that develops a love of reading in students. QSLiN will have another visit with the Sawyerville school library in June to see the changes that were put into place this year.