In May, we shared a hangout with Sawyerville Elementary School’s principal, Norma Humphrey in which she shared her vision for her school’s library.  In this subsequent film that was made eight months later, Principal Humphrey and library volunteer, Linda Mills talk about the progress that they have made this year in cleaning out old posters and older books that were not age appropriate and rearranging the library to make the collection more accessible.

The film shows how new zones were incorporated such as a reading corner that was created by moving shelves around and buying a colourful new rug. Principal Humphrey hopes to continue the process of making the library more appealing to students and teachers. Through the Culture in the School program, a local artist will be asked to paint a mural in the library similar to the one in the hallway and stairs that was created with the children. This will help give students a sense of ownership in their library. Sawyerville Elementary is well on it’s way to creating a friendly, collaborative library learning commons. We can’t wait to see what they do next!