This might be something to share with your high school librarians so that they can share it with their English teachers.  It began with European teachers of English, but they are looking for North American high school students to participate to make it more global.

Quotes from the website:


“The project will start in 2016 between the middle of August and the beginning of September. As there is no common start of the school year in Europe every single teacher will be responsible for selecting the most suitable starting date.”


“Our project is eligible for participation by  high school students living all over the world, from both academic and vocational lines of studies who have a working knowledge/competency of the English Language at high school level. Even though eTwinning platform gives us access to European teachers only, we have also decided to invite teachers from other parts of the world. It will be done via a dedicated blog site we will share and where we will post all the information and students’ final stories.”