Every year, the Quebec School Librarian’s Network organizes a school library symposium for the anglophone educational community.This year, the theme was School Libraries: Empowering Ourselves, Empowering Others.Last week, excitement was in the air as rock star librarian, Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian opened the symposium as the keynote speaker. Her three sessions – Choose to be a Library and Edtech Trooper, Mobile Media in the Classroom, and Tweet Like a Ninja – were packed!  You can find these presentations and all the resources therein at The Daring Librarian Presents.

Many Twitter Ninjas were using Twitter as a way to take notes and share valuable information; these tweets are available in the Storify story below. Scroll down to see photos, notes, and reflections on almost all the presentations and workshops that took place.

In addition to Gwyneth’s dynamic and humourous presentations, other workshops offered ways that librarians could empower themselves. LEARN Quebec brought their makerspace experts to the symposium where participants  experimented with materials and discovered new ways to make learning engaging for our students. In addition, there was the launch of QSLiN’s school library advocacy toolkit, a panel on working with volunteers (resources will be posted shortly), an introduction to QSLiN’s digital badging site based on the CLA school library standards contained in Leading Learning, Manga, increasing accessibility to reading material and so much more.

All in all, it was a fantastic day to make new friends, greet old friends, share ideas and reflect on how to empower our school libraries, our students and ourselves.