Professional Development Corner for March

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Online Event Library 2.016 : Privacy in the Digital Age, March 16, 3:00-6:00 Eastern In this focused conversation, we will address the roles and responsibilities of libraries regarding the protections of intellectual freedom, privacy, free speech, information access, and freedom of the press. Are these still core values of the library profession, and if so, how are

CLA School Library Standards and QSLiN Digital Badges

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The Quebec School Librarians Network (QSLiN) has adapted the CLA school library standards guide, Leading Learning, into a digital badge professional development program. This digital badge program is an alternative form of professional development for all library personnel to help them with the transition of traditional school libraries into school library learning commons; but first, you

QSLiN.Org Has a New Look!

By |2016-11-07T10:57:38-05:00January 20th, 2016|Blog Posts, QSLiN Updates| has a cool, modern look! Though the fonts and colours of  have changed, you will still find the same school library-related content that has always offered, including past blog posts and features. Our Library Hangouts page has a new format that will make it easier for you to find the films that have been

CLA Standards Highlighted With Relevant Films on QSLiN Youtube Channel

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Now that the QSLiN CLA Library Learning Commons Digital Badges are ready for you to use, there is another way to supplement your understanding of the CLA standards over and above participating in the badge program.  The QSLiN team has created a YouTube playlist for each of the five CLA learning commons standards that show various aspects of

Welcome Back – 2015

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Welcome Back - 2015 A very happy rentrée to all our QSLiN librarians and to all of you library personnel, teachers, and parents from all of us on the MEEsR team! We hope that you had a great summer and feel rested, recharged, and ready for the school year. We thought we might take a

Have a great summer vacation 2015!

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Hello everyone, It has been a long year and now it is time to relax and reflect for the next little while on the great things that have been accomplished for school libraries this year. Have a great summer vacation and we hope to see you again after your well deserved break. Take care, remember

S.O.S. Librarians on Facebook

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In response to the changes that are happening in Quebec and around the country, some librarians are forming a support group on Facebook called S.O.S. Librarians. The group describes itself as " open and independent advocacy group for school libraries. School libraries need qualified library personnel. Children who have professionally trained librarians and strong school

The School Library from a Principal’s Perspective by Douglas Clarke

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The following was written by Douglas Clarke, a retired principal with the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board who now works on the Reading in Mind project at the MELS. Mr. Clarke was part of a panel of three principals at the Library Symposium who spoke about their insights and experiences with school libraries in schools across the

MELS Library Symposium – Photos of Dream-Plan-Create in Action

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On March 16th and March 17th, school library personnel from across Quebec got together for the annual MELS Library Symposium.  This year's theme was Dream, Plan, Create.  Keynote speaker Joanne de Groot got us thinking about the exciting possibilities that the Canadian Library Association standards can ignite right here in Quebec; a main focus of

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