Now that the QSLiN CLA Library Learning Commons Digital Badges are ready for you to use, there is another way to supplement your understanding of the CLA standards over and above participating in the badge program.  The QSLiN team has created a YouTube playlist for each of the five CLA learning commons standards that show various aspects of each standard and how they can be put into practice in school libraries.

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ColLABoration’ by edlabdesigner is licensed under CC BY-NC

The Vision for Learning theme is included in the CLA standard on Facilitating Collaborative Engagement to Cultivate and Empower a Community of Learners.  The QSLiN playlist on Facilitating Collaborative Engagement includes 18 films that demonstrate how libraries have made the transformation to a library learning commons model, encouraging principals to be involved in this transformation, and the power of student-driven learning.  You will find 9 videos in the Advancing the Learning Community playlist that show how library personnel can collaborate with teachers, students and administration to achieve school goals.

The Cultivating Effective Instructional Design playlist contains 26 films on inquiry based learning, differentiated learning, assistive technology, collaborating with teachers on a variety of activities, promoting the library and promoting inquiry based learning within your school, using Google for Education and more.

As library personnel, we are all too aware that the term literacy has taken on a new meaning, hence the standard on Fostering Literacies to Empower Life-Long Learners. Many school libraries are now including the promotion of media, information, digital and critical literacies in their missions. The Fostering Literacies playlist has videos on the inquiry process, digital citizenship, information literacy, transliteracy, literacy partnerships, reading activities, as well as tips for storytelling and tips for how to encourage family literacy.

In the Designing Learning Environments Playlist, you will find 16 movies on designing a library learning commons, makerspaces, samples of virtual library learning commons, making collections accessible to those with physical handicaps, ensuring that collections respect the diversity of our student populations and reflect Canadian identity, and even a film made by 5th Graders in which they teach elements of digital citizenship in their Minecraft library, that is shown below.

Check out these playlists and consider sharing them with colleagues in your school.  They are meant to be a resource of ideas for you to use in your school library activities.