Digital Badging is an exciting new way to help recognize the accomplishments of everyone and encourage and excite people in our school libraries.

  • If you work in a library, you could earn badges for your own professional development or exciting accomplishments within your library.
  • You could work towards and receive badges for different accomplishments for your library itself, such as:
    • completing your library’s automation project,
    • achieving different levels of the Canadian Standards for School Libraries,
    • hosting a successful after-school activity (like a poetry slam or book club)
  • If you want to reward student or adult volunteers for their great assistance in operating your school library.

Currently, the QSLiN website offers three different digital badging collections.

Library Learning Commons Digital Badges

CLA badge stack

This set of badges is to help people learn about the CLA 2014 Library Learning Commons standards and then to help with the implementation of the standards.

Library Symposium Digital Badges

Symposium badge stack

A series of digital badges for the participants of the Library Symposiums, which take place in Montreal each spring.

Workshop Digital Badges

Other library workshops badge stack

Digital badges that are earned by attending different workshops for school libraries.


Want a quick tour of how to start and earn your own badges? Watch the short video below.


Have you already earned one or more digital badge from the QSLiN site? Click here to see them.

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