Every year at the Library Symposium, we like to give local Quebec library personnel the opportunity to see some of the great things that are taking place in our school libraries through poster sessions. Sometimes this could be examples of different types of programming taking place, maybe a great club activity, new ideas on what to do with weeded books… really anything that is being done that could inspire other library personnel to try new things or new ways of doing the things we’ve always been doing.

How would you like to take part in this by presenting a poster session at the symposium? There’s still plenty of spaces available and we know that your fellow library personnel would really appreciate the chance to learn from what you’ve done.

For a quick rundown on what being a poster session presenter is all about and how to prepare, take a look at this QSLiN blog post, written by Raphaella Dixon (LBPSB) for the 2015 Library Symposium.

If you would like to take part, please use the contact form below to let us start a conversation.