Have you volunteered to do a poster session at the Library Symposium? Congratulations!

Now, you may be wondering what is expected of you, as poster sessions can mean different things at different events.

At the Library Symposium, the posters sessions are a relaxed and friendly, one-on-one way to share what is happening in your library. After lunch, the Symposium attendees visit the poster session tables at their leisure, looking at the displays and asking questions. As a poster session presenter, you will have a table to display whatever you want, so props are a good idea. Posters are actually optional, but you would definitely want some kind of sign to indicate what you are presenting at the table. I would strongly recommend providing handouts with information and suggestions for people to take away. Some people bring a laptop if they are going to show something that is online. However, the most important thing is your presence and enthusiasm. Be prepared to tell people what your poster session is about and to answer questions.

Enlist the help of colleagues to set up, and to bring you lunch in case you don’t have enough time to eat beforehand. Your board librarian(s) and other members of QSLiN will be happy to help you. Here is a list of what you may want to bring:

  • Signs or posters on what your poster session is about (be creative – there are no rules!)
  • Physical props to make your poster session concrete (again – no rules, be creative!)
  • Handouts (you may want to include your name and email address so people can contact you)
  • Tablecloth or any other items to make your table look attractive
  • Laptop if needed
  • You!

The theme of the 2015 Library Symposium is: Dream, Plan, Create. Great inspiration for your poster sessions!