Google’s New Image Search and Saved Image Search Feature

Save by GotCredit, cc Attribution 2.0 Google has a new feature that allows you to save images when you are logged into your Google account.  The procedure is very simple: When searching for images, no matter what browser you’re using, go to Check the upper right hand corner of [...]

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Lesson Plans on Google Search, K – 12

I found Jeff Utecht's blog, The Thinking Stick through a website that lists resources for teaching Information Literacy, the Resources page for Next Vista for Learning. In adding content to, I'm always on the look-out for material for Kindergarten and Cycle 1.  That's where Jeff Utecht comes in.  His [...]

Infographic for Grades 3-8: Google Shortcuts for Life’s Questions

Students are using Google at a younger and younger age to get information for both school projects and personal interest. This infographic was designed to show them a few shortcuts to find information.  The link to this infographic is:

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Why having good research skills matters in the real world… even if you work for the BBC

This actually all happened a few months ago, but it still merits posting. I personally like real world examples to show teachers and students as to why it is important to have good research skills.   The case in point envolves the BBC accidentally showing an image from the popular [...]

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