In 2015, JPPS Elementary School in Montreal sold its building and began the planning process of moving into Bialik High School.  It was decided that the Bialik High School library would merge with the  JPPS Elementary School’s collection so that there would be resources and services available for all grade levels.  In the two videos below, QSLiN shows snippets of  the planning process  and finished project.  The newly renovated library is furnished with a comfortable social area for the high school students and a story corner for the elementary school students, enclosed by a folding glass wall that can be opened and closed as needed.

In Part 1, the library personnel talk about the importance of weeding the collections and ensuring that books remaining are those that support the curriculum. Digital subscriptions are mentioned as a way to have current information resources for students while saving valuable shelf space. Planning the space and regular visits to the construction site are suggested so that there are no unwelcome surprises.

We take a tour of the new K-11 library in Part 2 and meet the library personnel who rave about the new space. How elementary and high school students interact is an important issue mentioned in this video. For example, a high school drama class acts out a children’s book, much to the delight of the elementary school students.  In the end, creating community is seen as an important component in the merger of the two schools…and the two libraries.