Harmony Elementary School is really a showplace for…well, harmony! It is always a treat when people agree on the way to go forward with a project, and this school’s library is certainly a perfect example.  The principal, the New Frontiers School Board documentation technician, and the library volunteers all agree that Harmony’s library should be a warm, student-friendly place where love of reading is encouraged and where fear of overdue books is nonexistent.

This film is an example of great ways to make a library student friendly and it shows that you don’t need a lot of money to do it.  It shows that having the right attitude, caring about kids, excitement about reading, and lots of creativity can have an enormous impact on the library.  And it never hurts to have a principal who believes that the school library has an essential place in the school.

To get some cool ideas for making a library the kind of place that students want to go to, see what Harmony Elementary School Library has to offer.