In addition to our QSLiN Library Hangouts, and a few other videos, we are now releasing a new series of short videos about why school libraries matter. We hope that these unscripted, personal interviews can be helpful to remind everyone about the importance of school libraries and the role they, and their personnel, play in helping to educate our students. Using the hashtag #LibrariesMatter, we invite others to continue sharing why libraries are important and also contributing to the cause of library advocacy.

Last year at the 2016 QSLiN Library Symposium, we asked a number of people, library technicians, librarians, educational consultants, principals, and other educational partners about libraries. We took those short interviews as the starting point for this new series. A new video will be released about once a week for the next several weeks. You can see them as they are released on the playlist embedded at the bottom of this page, or on the QSLiN YouTube channel. The first interview is with Joanne Henrico, Principal of Ormstown Elementary in the New Frontiers School Board in the Châteauguay Valley.

This year at the 2017 Library Symposium, we will be doing the same thing. If you would like the chance to speak and share with the world why you think #LibrariesMatter, do not hesitate; come and find one of our organizers of the day.