There are an increasing number of people getting involved in the Makerspace movement here in Quebec. While Makerspaces are not as well known in Quebec as they might be in the USA or other parts of Canada, it is really great to see more people seeing the fantastic value of these additions to schools. Not every school library has the physical space or personnel to maintain a Makerspace, but there are other possibilities and many partnership possibilities to help bring them to the students in our schools.

LEARN Quebec has been really moving forward this year with Makerspaces; providing opportunities for people to get their feet wet and see it / take part in it themselves. Whether it be at this year’s Library Symposium, or meeting in schools, or at their Open Creative Space days at their offices in Laval, they have been spreading the ideas and helping people see the real benefits.

Last year, LEARN started exploring the idea of Makerspaces as a way to increase students’ engagement in school. The idea itself is not new. Originally incubated by hackers and computer tinkerers, Makerspaces have…

Last week on the LEARN blog, Chris Colley and Sylwia Bielec published a post about their journey with Makerspaces. In it, they share not only general insights into the Makerspace movement, but also in their personal views about it. It’s a great post and if you are interested in the Makerspace movement, you should check it out.