What a treat it was to visit the Mackay Centre School and see how library services can be developed to meet the needs of disabled children! When my colleague, Julian Taylor and I visited the library and chatted with Anne McNicholl-O’Connor, the doc-tech and with principal, Patrizia Ciccarelli, we hoped to create a film that would highlight how this library demonstrates those CLA standards in Learn and Lead that call for the creation of a space that is welcoming to children with varying abilities and disabilities in terms of accessibility, technology, and literacy activities. The Mackay Centre School integrates abled and disabled children in a warm and nurturing atmosphere, and the library supports the aims of the school very strongly.

The film refers to the CLA standards and makes suggestions how these accommodations can be made. The library space at the Mackay Centre School is by no means a new one, yet with a little thought, imagination, and a whole lot of stuffed animals, the Mackay Centre School Library  isa place where the love of reading thrives and where all children can browse and select books easily.