One of our high school librarians recently told me that she loved offering game boards to the teens in her library because they created an opportunity for one-to-one interaction, thanks to the technological disconnect. So, as we look at varying the services and activities offered in high school libraries, there comes this great post from TSU: Board Games in the Library. It covers most bases when it comes to board games in the library, from selection to cataloguing, along with sites containing how-to resources and reviews of board games.

If the subject interests or mystifies you, Web Junction, an open online learning community for library personnel, has got some great stuff for you. Here is a sample of what is available:

· A series of 6 blog posts on the subject: Board in the Library (you have to love the title…) This link to Part 1 will take you to the other posts in the series: Board in the Library, Part One

· Best Board Games of 2015: 24 Best Board Games of 2015

Play on!