As part of an ongoing desire to share with the world how school libraries can contribute to educational teams and what they can do to help students succeed, we started asking different people in education, (including administrators, consultants, and of course school librarians and library technicians) about why school libraries matter. These videos are all unscripted and give the opportunity for the speakers to share their own personal views on the subject of why libraries matter.

Our first batch of videos in this series was recorded at the 2016 QSLiN Library Symposium. After its success, we decided to repeat the same formula again at the 2017 Symposium. The first video from that series features Carol-Anne Hoyt, an Assistant-Librarian at Selwyn House School in Westmount, Quebec. Over the coming months, the rest of the series will be released. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the QSLiN YouTube Channel to get updates as the other videos are released.

To see the entire collection of the why #LibrariesMatter videos, click here, or follow this link to the playlist on the YouTube channel.

Using the hashtag #LibrariesMatter, we invite others to continue sharing why libraries are important and also contributing to the cause of library advocacy.