These are difficult times for library personnel everywhere.  Carol Ann Case of Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School blogged what it’s like to finish up a year in this wonderful post from LBPSB Library Resources: Twenty Days | LBPSB Library Resources

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Source: Twenty Days | LBPSB Library Resources

Her poignant description of the last twenty days of school will touch anyone who has worked in a high school library.  We’ve all dealt with the stress of getting it all done. We’ve all reassured students that they will do okay on their exams if they eat right, sleep right and remember to breathe. We nag to get the books back in our friendliest way. We lend teachers a hand where we can to make their lives easier and then finally, close the door for summer vacation.

But now, imagine all that compounded by the insecurity of not knowing where or even whether you will be working the following year. Finishing up a year with this amount of anxiety is a sad reality for many library folks. This is a very powerful account of what that anxiety is like and I truly hope that you share this post that is so worth reading.