Makerspaces – Yes, You Can!

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We are all hearing a lot about makerspaces in school libraries.  Wouldn't it be great if there was the time and money to visit other school libraries to see how they have solved the various challenges that come with creating a makerspace within a school library? MakerSpace at Main Library, by 5chw4r7z,, CC by

CLA Standards Highlighted With Relevant Films on QSLiN Youtube Channel

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Now that the QSLiN CLA Library Learning Commons Digital Badges are ready for you to use, there is another way to supplement your understanding of the CLA standards over and above participating in the badge program.  The QSLiN team has created a YouTube playlist for each of the five CLA learning commons standards that show various aspects of

CBPQ YouTube playlist – Histoires d’une différence

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Back in November 2014, the CBPQ (Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Québec / The Corporation of Professional Librarians of Quebec) created their first YouTube video in a playlist dedicated to showing how librarians are making a difference. They now how three videos in that playlist and I believe they will be adding more in time. While they

2015 Recognition Awards

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For the past 10 years, the Quebec Ministry of Education has conducted the Reading Recognition Awards as a way to: ...recognize the efforts of those who have been effective in promoting reading. From all sectors of the education community, these individuals help young people to develop interests, attitudes and competencies that enable them to use

YouTube in the Canadian Classroom?

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Hello, Back in 2012 I shared a video from Seneca College (in Ontario) about what could and could not be done with YouTube in classrooms across Canada given the then current copyright laws. With the passing of the new copyright laws, that original video became obsolete. Here is the new video that demonstrates very clearly

YouTube in the Classroom video

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Hello all, Take a look at the video below all about what you can and cannot do with YouTube in the classroom under the terms of use set out by YouTube. It was put together by some librarians at Seneca College in Toronto and I first saw it at the ABC Copyright Conference on 4

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