Québec Reading Connection Workshops 2017-2018

Hello Quebec school librarians, As you may know, there are a group of people tirelessly working at the MEES on the Québec Reading Connection to help "to further the development of language learning, cultural awareness and the love of reading in children and young people." In the interests of achieving that [...]

Brain-Based Teaching Practices in the School Library

Inquiry Grade 5, Lindy Buckley, cc Attribution by 2.0 Librarians have been ahead of the trends when it comes to applying inquiry to education, and the recognition of this is what you might appreciate  about this article: How Can Your Librarian Help Bolster Brain-Based Teaching Practices? Research has shown that [...]

Slide-share: How To Be a Presentation Ninja – You Need to See It!

Courtesy of @Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian, used with permission. @GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian is a rock star among librarians!  She takes every traditional stereotype of our profession and throws them to the wind.  If you've been following her blog or tweets, you know that she has a [...]

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Inquiry Based Learning and a Tour of theinquiryprocess.ca – Information Literacy All the Way

I just finished this how-to-use theinquiryprocess.ca video today.  I hope that you can find the time to share this with teachers and library staff. I've also made a video on what inquiry based learning is involves. There are so many video out there on this, but I thought that after [...]

Lesson Plans on Google Search, K – 12

I found Jeff Utecht's blog, The Thinking Stick through a website that lists resources for teaching Information Literacy, the Resources page for Next Vista for Learning. In adding content to theinquiryprocess.ca, I'm always on the look-out for material for Kindergarten and Cycle 1.  That's where Jeff Utecht comes in.  His [...]

Enseigner avec la bande dessinée

"L’histoire des liens entre bande dessinée et éducation s’est exprimée successivement dans les termes d’une hostilité farouche, d’une intégration résignée, puis d’une récupération intéressée et d’une légitimation affichée." Lire la suite à: http://neuviemeart.citebd.org/spip.php?article523 Tiré du site de la revue: Neuvième art 2.0  

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