QSLiN Hangout at Riverdale High School: Transforming to a Library Learning Commons

When a school library has a set up that can be described as a rabbit warren with shelves obstructing the view, it's time to make a change.  Susan Strano, documentation technician, went to work on making that change with the help of Suzanne Nesbitt, library consultant, at the Lester B. [...]

Top Ten Ways to Match Books to Readers by Dana Johansen and Maureen Mooney Corbo | Nerdy Book Club

From: Helping students choose the perfect book for their needs is a thing school librarians do on a daily basis. Some of the suggestions found in this latest post from Nerdy Book Club will be familiar, but some of them have a new twist and might just ring a [...]

Unruly Teens: Toddlers @ Heart

Teens discovering DiscoverPlace at the Library, London Public Library, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 I thought I would share this post from Teen Services Underground as it appeared in late June and may have gone unnoticed. It takes a perceptive look at teen behaviour and also leads us to question our own [...]

Current Events and Our Students

Given the tragic attacks that we are reading about in Europe and Africa, it is not unlikely that our students will be talking about these sad events.  Several usually reliable websites have suggestions both for parents and teachers.  Library personnel may want to consult their principals and teachers for advice [...]

How to Run a Library Volunteer Program that Students Love

On an average day, at least ten students help Laura Gardner run the Dartmouth (MA) Middle School library. Altogether, over 40 seventh and eighth-grade students work there each year. She couldn’t do it without them. Source: How to Run a Library Volunteer Program that Students Love There is a category [...]

Harnessing Social Media for the Classroom

I attended a very stimulating presentation by the consultants from LBPSB Digital Citizenship project during LCEEQ last week.  The presenters adapted a presentation they give to high school students about establishing (and protecting) their "Social Media Identities".  They had lots of simple, effective strategies and ideas.  Here is the link [...]