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Board Games in the Library – Teen Services Underground

One of our high school librarians recently told me that she loved offering game boards to the teens in her library because they created an opportunity for one-to-one interaction, thanks to the technological disconnect. So, as we look at varying the services and activities offered in high school libraries, there [...]

Beth Holland: Transforming Libraries into Library Learning Commons or a Hogwarts Room of Requirement

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you may remember the magical Room of Requirement.  This is a room where any need can be met.  According to Beth Holland, in the Cape Elizabeth Library Learning Commons (http://capellc.cape.k12.me.us), a student looked at the new library learning commons and said to Library Information Technology Specialist, Jonathan Werner (@MaineSchoolTech), “You’ve given us a Room of Requirement!”  This is the kind of excitement that a library learning commons can inspire. […]

From Library and Learning Space to Learning Commons

From Library and Learning Space to Learning Commons Presented by Beth Holland, EdTech Teacher and contributor to Education Week and Edutopia Sponsored by Nureva REGISTER HERE In the mobile era, what is the role of physical libraries and learning spaces when every student potentially has a global, virtual library in [...]

Library Technicians: Collaborating and Advancing School Goals

This Thinglink shows how library technicians (in Quebec, documentation technicians) are advancing learning in the schools in which they work. Just click on the dots or hearts, etc. to be taken to the films or websites  that show how they do this. The Canadian Library Association Standards encourage library personnel [...]

Vincent Massey Collegiate – Mural and So Much More

“What is that on the wall?”  Emilia Quintana, newly hired documentation technician at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Montreal was amused by the fact that the symbol painted on the drably coloured walls really perplexed teachers and students alike. She assured them that it had nothing to do with libraries…and then, [...]

Artful Student Participation Beautifies the Vincent Massey Collegiate School Library

“I’m a big fan of school.”  “I like getting involved in things.” “I’d like more books with fun facts on history, fun facts on science.”  Have a look at this movie and see why I felt like Julian Taylor interviewed a dream team of students.  Yes, they’re bright.  Yes, they’re [...]

ABQLA Connects the Dots | By the Brooks: Anita Brooks Kirkland

Last week Anita Brooks Kirkland gave a presentation at the 83rd ABQLA Annual Conference (2015) on "Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada". Below is a link to her blog post where she talks about not only what she presented at the conference, but also about [...]

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When A Library Learning Commons Gets Everyone Excited About Learning

This film shows the excitement of students, parents, teachers and the principal at the opening of their new library learning commons.  It is apparent that project based learning is very much a part of the curriculum at Douglasdale Elementary School in Calgary.  The principal in this film recognizes that students [...]

A District Superintendent Blogs about the LLC as a Space of Discovery

Students at West Bay Elementary School, Courtesy of Chris Kennedy, used with permission Chris Kennedy is the Superintendent of Schools / CEO with the West Vancouver School District (West Vancouver, BC).  I like the title of his blog, The Culture of Yes.  When you study improvisation in theatre, you learn that blocking off [...]

Beth Holland’s 4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space

4 Tips To Transform Your Learning Space is another article for the Library Learning Commons file that you might want to compile.  Holland breaks down the transformation from the traditional school library to learning commons with 4 general tips that are easy to remember: Photo from tinkerlab.com/tinkering-spaces-makerspace/   1. Create [...]