Freedom to Read

Freedom to Read Week, February 21 – 27

During Freedom to Read Week, libraries focus on the issues of free access to reading material and censorship. We know that every institution, every school has a line. Not everybody agrees where that line should be drawn, but the line is there. It is very important that we keep talking about that [...]

An Open Letter to Those Who Give Kids Banned Books

As we get ready to celebrate Freedom to Read Week (February 21 to 27), I thought this post about the importance and impact of books on kids was right on point. “Difficult” books are a safe way for many teens to live through trying experiences and gain some perspective. This [...]

Freedom to Read Week – Free Kits

February 22-28 is Freedom to Read Week, the Canadian equivalent of the American Banned Books Week.  There are lots of free materials and kits to download at - just click on this link. There are banners and posters that you can distribute, so even if you feel that you [...]