Projet Biblius.ca info website is now live

Hello everyone, As has been discussed a few times over the last 16 months or so, part of the long term initiatives within the MEES Digital Action Plan involves the creation of a bilingual platform for ebooks for Quebec school libraries. The site has been named “Biblius”. In order to [...]

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Resources from the 2017 Library Symposium Sessions

Hello, This year's Library Symposium had many great presentations and lots of wonderful ideas. Many of the presenters have shared their presentations and other resources with us. You can find links to all of that material below. As more material is submitted, this page will be up dated for you. [...]

Resources from the 2016 Library Symposium Sessions

Hello, Are you looking for the presentations or list of resources from the various sessions at the 2016 Library Symposium? Well, here is the full list of links to help you out! Gwyneth Jones    The links for all three of the presentations by Gwyneth Jones's can be found on [...]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Tech-Savvy Teens Remain Fans of Print Books

Sandra Bebbington found this great article and we thought it was worth sharing with anyone involved with teens and books. It is written by Nielsen on the choices of teens for reading traditional paper books, or ebooks, and very interestingly it also shows the major and moderate influences on why [...]

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