digital citizenship

The Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref 2018

From January 15th - to February 3rd, Wikipedia is hosting the Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref initiative where they hope to have every librarian possible worldwide (yup worldwide!), contribute one, just one reference in order to make Wikipedia a reliable resource for everyone. In this day and age of misinformation, what a wonderful [...]

Using Information Ethically Made Easy for Kids

School of Information course creates Michigan Makers There are a number of great resources listed on that will give teachers the support that they need in teaching students how to cite sources, an important component of using information ethically.  At this time of year, when projects and assignments are [...]

From Ask an Agent: Minecraft, Loudness, and Online Bullying

I remember one of our high school librarians mentioning last year that Minecraft often brought out the best and the worse in her students. At times, she was quite surprised by the vehemence and the visceral reaction kids had. The game became personal and in some ways “real” to them. [...]

Harnessing Social Media for the Classroom

I attended a very stimulating presentation by the consultants from LBPSB Digital Citizenship project during LCEEQ last week.  The presenters adapted a presentation they give to high school students about establishing (and protecting) their "Social Media Identities".  They had lots of simple, effective strategies and ideas.  Here is the link [...]