Practical Ed Tech Tip from Richard Byrne – Create Short Comic Stories

  Richard Byrne is a popular blogger who, based on his teaching experience, creates films on using a variety of apps and online tools in the classroom.  The Inquiry Process website has compiled many online tools and apps that allow students to present the information that they've found in very imaginative ways, [...]

2015 ISTE Makerspaces Takeaway

If you're trying to keep up with the Maker Movement, have a look at this article that summarizes sessions at this year's ISTE workshops.  The takeaways include problem solving, small budget solutions, mobile makerspaces, as well as a list of maker/educators who blog and tweet on the subject. It's always [...]

Vincent Massey Collegiate – Mural and So Much More

“What is that on the wall?”  Emilia Quintana, newly hired documentation technician at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Montreal was amused by the fact that the symbol painted on the drably coloured walls really perplexed teachers and students alike. She assured them that it had nothing to do with libraries…and then, [...]

Vincent Massey Collegiate: Positive Change Through Collaboration

Emila Quintana, newly hired documentation technician at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Montreal, describes her love of children and libraries in this film.  Emila is joined by English Montreal School Board Librarian, Julia Wagner who talks about how Emilia brought spirit and warmth to the library by making it a social [...]

Artful Student Participation Beautifies the Vincent Massey Collegiate School Library

“I’m a big fan of school.”  “I like getting involved in things.” “I’d like more books with fun facts on history, fun facts on science.”  Have a look at this movie and see why I felt like Julian Taylor interviewed a dream team of students.  Yes, they’re bright.  Yes, they’re [...]

School Librarians Push for More ‘Maker Spaces’

Source: Education Week Must makerspaces have a 3-D printer? What kind of skills do they help foster in students? This article, School Librarians Push for More 'Maker Spaces' is a good summary of how makerspaces are taking off in the United States and even being used to support the curriculum's Common [...]

Slide-share: How To Be a Presentation Ninja – You Need to See It!

Courtesy of @Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian, used with permission. @GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian is a rock star among librarians!  She takes every traditional stereotype of our profession and throws them to the wind.  If you've been following her blog or tweets, you know that she has a [...]

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Getting a Lego Station going in a School Library

Putting together a Lego station in a school library may be one of the easiest ways to get your first makerspace up and running.  The good news is that it can be done cheaply. I read a blog post by Heidi Neltner in which she describes how she created a Lego [...]

Who’s Afraid of the Library Learning Commons?

If I were a library volunteer or doc-tech or an older librarian who had never been comfortable with new technology, the video displayed here might scare me a bit.  It's a great promotional video for the Library Learning Commons in that it suggests exciting possibilities of what students might achieve in [...]