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Now that we have your attention, check out the following link to register for a virtual conference focusing on grade K-12 school libraries encompassing technology, social media, Pokemon GO! and many other topics. Registration includes full access to their archives.   Happy conferencing!

“She Said, He Said: On Makerspaces” – blog post by LEARN Quebec

There are an increasing number of people getting involved in the Makerspace movement here in Quebec. While Makerspaces are not as well known in Quebec as they might be in the USA or other parts of Canada, it is really great to see more people seeing the fantastic value of these additions [...]

Resources from the 2016 Library Symposium Sessions

Hello, Are you looking for the presentations or list of resources from the various sessions at the 2016 Library Symposium? Well, here is the full list of links to help you out! Gwyneth Jones    The links for all three of the presentations by Gwyneth Jones's can be found on [...]

Book review: The Lego Architect: A book for the learning commons!

This book is published at just the right time with the growing interest in makerspaces and tinkering. As with our learning commons, it is big on multi-tasking and adaptability. The title has a wide appeal whether for Art and Social Science teachers as well as your average Lego® enthusiast. The [...]

QSLiN Hangout at Riverdale High School: Transforming to a Library Learning Commons

When a school library has a set up that can be described as a rabbit warren with shelves obstructing the view, it's time to make a change.  Susan Strano, documentation technician, went to work on making that change with the help of Suzanne Nesbitt, library consultant, at the Lester B. [...]

Makerspaces – Yes, You Can!

We are all hearing a lot about makerspaces in school libraries.  Wouldn't it be great if there was the time and money to visit other school libraries to see how they have solved the various challenges that come with creating a makerspace within a school library? MakerSpace at Main Library, by [...]

Colour Our Collections Week

Did you know that Feb 1 to 5 was Color Our Collections Week? The colouring craze is all around us, as a trip to your local bookstore will prove. Coloured illustrations are being shared on social media using the hashtag, #ColorOurCollections. Colouring Station created by Luminita Susan, school librarian at Lasalle [...]

Beth Holland: Transforming Libraries into Library Learning Commons or a Hogwarts Room of Requirement

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you may remember the magical Room of Requirement.  This is a room where any need can be met.  According to Beth Holland, in the Cape Elizabeth Library Learning Commons (, a student looked at the new library learning commons and said to Library Information Technology Specialist, Jonathan Werner (@MaineSchoolTech), “You’ve given us a Room of Requirement!”  This is the kind of excitement that a library learning commons can inspire. […]

AMAG is for architecture, AMAG is also for amazing and art

source: This free online magazine is dedicated to architecture  is just the ticket with all the STEAM initiatives going around. Our own CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture) is one of the partners involved in this initiative; they have a calendar of events and exhibitions that would be a great tie-in to [...]

10 Must Have iPad Apps for Librarians ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

These interesting suggestions from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning range from citation tools, to writing tools and collation tools. 10 Must Have iPad Apps for Librarians       Photo Source: Twenty Days | LBPSB Library Resources