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Now that we have your attention, check out the following link to register for a virtual conference focusing on grade K-12 school libraries encompassing technology, social media, Pokemon GO! and many other topics. Registration includes full access to their archives.   Happy conferencing!

Top Ten Ways to Match Books to Readers by Dana Johansen and Maureen Mooney Corbo | Nerdy Book Club

From: Helping students choose the perfect book for their needs is a thing school librarians do on a daily basis. Some of the suggestions found in this latest post from Nerdy Book Club will be familiar, but some of them have a new twist and might just ring a [...]

Holiday Resources for Librarians and Teachers

It's Hanukkah!  But what is Hanukah, and what is Kwaanza? What is Ramadan? How do people around the world celebrate Christmas? How were holidays celebrated in the past? These questions come up time after time and time in classes across Quebec and Canada. There are a number of resources that [...]

Current Events and Our Students

Given the tragic attacks that we are reading about in Europe and Africa, it is not unlikely that our students will be talking about these sad events.  Several usually reliable websites have suggestions both for parents and teachers.  Library personnel may want to consult their principals and teachers for advice [...]

Ten Ways to Get Kids to Love Reading

Librarians do love lists.  This is a list that will be close to all of our hearts because, as much as we want our students to display those important elements of information literacy and digital citizenship, we would be overjoyed to have them love reading. There are so many reasons [...]

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Article: “For Young Readers, Print or Digital Books?”

The article introduces a study of a small group of parents by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center. According to the article, kids age 3 to 6 remembered more narrative details from print books than from enhanced e-books with multimedia features. But  there was nodifference between the print book readers and the enhanced e-book readers when kids were [...]

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