Stir It Up!: Exploring Food Across the Curriculum

Session B1 10:00 – 11:00

Session Description:

Food is universal, connects us, and offers an easy and accessible entry point into learning. Discover books which invite elementary and high school students to explore various disciplines, such as language arts and science, through the lens of food. Picture books, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry titles will be featured and a bibliography will be provided.

Presenter Bio:

Carol-Ann Hoyte

Carol-Ann Hoyte has been head librarian at Selwyn House School since January 2019. Prior to that, she served as assistant librarian there for 11 years. Carol-Ann is a published children’s poet whose work has been published primarily in the United States and Australia. She is a teaching poet with Poetry in Voice and the English Language Arts Network’s ArtistsInspire program. Carol-Ann’s most recent passion is motivating librarians and teachers to teach about food in their work with students.