Hands-on curio.ca Workshop!

Session C3 11:40-12:25
Session D3 1:20-2:05

Session Description:

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to present curio.ca, the CBC/Radio-Canada learning platform. This presentation will feature how to use the curio.ca platform in the library or a classroom. Did you know that curio.ca provides curriculum relevant resources for science, geography, history, Aboriginal studies, social justice, health, business and more? Come and join us! (All public school boards in Quebec have a subscription to curio.ca through MEES.)

Speakers Bios:

Veronica Barton is the Head of Educational Sales, curio.ca at CBC & Radio-Canada since 2011. With over 25 years experience in sales and resource development in the educational media distribution sector. Customer-focussed leader with a unique blend of experience in education, technology and media markets. Strategic mindset and a proven ability to grow sales. Detailed understanding of the Canadian K-12 education landscape.


Michaël Elbaz is a media librarian at CBC/Radio-Canada. He’s been with curio.ca since 2014 and previously worked in the international human rights sector. He is responsible for general oversight of platform content. In addition to cataloguing English and French language content on curio.ca, Michaël is responsible for content development, client requests and support regarding MARC records. He holds a Master of Social Science degree from the University of Helsinki and a Master of Information Science degree from the Université de Montréal.