Open a World of Reading with Sora by OverDrive

Session C1 11:40-12:25
Session D1 1:20-2:05

Session Description:

What if you could increase student engagement and support school-wide initiatives with content in your digital library? Join K-12 experts Tiffany Wincek and Sydney Kalnay as we share best practices for using Sora, the student reading app.

This session will take a fresh look at:

  • Sora’s best features and why it’s great for all of your readers
  • Employing best practices for classroom management and student privacy with Sora
  • Strategies to increase student and community engagement with your digital library
  • How you can customize content and collections specific to your building

Speakers Bios:

Tiffany Wincek is the OverDrive Account Manager for all Canadian school partners. She previously spent 10 years teaching students in New York public schools and enjoys sharing her passion for education and reading through her current role. An Ithaca College graduate, she holds B.S. degrees in English and Education and an M.S.Ed. in Literacy.

Sydney Kalnay, a Training Specialist at OverDrive, is deeply engaged in technology and education as a creator, developer, and instructor. She has designed and delivered classroom training and e-learning experiences for diverse audiences since 2002. She holds Masters degrees in Screenwriting and in Education.

In their spare time, Tiffany and Sydney are avid readers and writers who enjoy podcasting and listening to nothing but Nothing But Thieves.