The Perfect Digital Library for Your School

Session B1 10:30-11:30

Session Description:

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to present our new digital library called Cantook Station dedicated for schools. This presentation will feature how to use the platform in the library or a classroom. Did you know that De Marque offers you the most complete catalogue of French-language ebooks as well as an extensive English-language and multilingual catalogue? It allows you to build a collection of ebooks and audiobooks from the most popular publishers: novels, youth albums, comic books, reference books, biographies and more! Come and join us!

Speakers Bios:

Etienne Breault is the director of business development at DeMarque. Prior to joining De Marque, Etienne spent eight years at Pearson-ERPI, including the last four as Sales Manager, overseeing a team of sales representatives based in Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland. He then turned to the hotel business as General Manager of the Alt Hotel Group Germain, to better return to publishing by joining our company.


Davina Michel is the strategic business development manager for the scholar division at DeMarque and Ph.D. student in administration and education policies, Davina wants to participate in the “re-conceptualization” of the school of tomorrow. A determined woman of action, she won several entrepreneurial prizes, co-founded a technology company before going around the world. Davina has the energy and interpersonal skills to initiate change. She allows and stimulates discussion, the search for shared solutions, innovation and the exploration of new avenues.