The Strategic Librarian: Action Advocacy for the School Library Learning Commons

Opening Keynote – Session A 9:00 -10:15

Session Description:

In this era of unprecedented technological and social change, people’s perception of the library is shifting dramatically. A decade ago many questioned its very relevance. After all, who needed libraries when we had the Internet! But all along libraries have been reinventing themselves as hubs of creativity, collaboration and innovation, and realizing new purpose. Public libraries are active community hubs and university libraries are innovative learning centres. Where do school libraries fit into this picture? How do we capture the imagination of decision-makers and help them realize the potential of the school library? Leave this session feeling empowered to take action as we advocate for the unique value of the school library learning commons.

Presenter Bio:

Anita Brooks Kirkland


As a writer, presenter and consultant, Anita Brooks Kirkland specializes in the areas of information and digital literacy and leadership for the school library learning commons. She draws on her extensive experience as a teacher educator, both as an instructor in teacher-librarianship for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, and in her previous role as the Consultant for K-12 Libraries at the Waterloo Region District School Board. Anita was a contributing writer to Together for Learning, Ontario’s guideline document for the school library learning commons. Anita is very active in professional organizations, currently serving as chair of Canadian School Libraries. She was the 2014 president of the Ontario Library Association, and has also served as president of the Ontario School Library Association (2005) and co-chaired The Association of Library Consultants and Coordinators of Ontario (2011-13). Anita shares an extensive collection of program resources, articles, and presentations on her website and blog,