This year’s Library Symposium had many great presentations and lots of wonderful ideas. Many of the presenters have shared their presentations and other resources with us. You can find links to all of that material below. As more material is submitted, this page will be up dated for you.

Pam Harland

The slides from both of Pam’s two great presentations can be found on this page of her website:

Diana Maliszewski

Cosplay MakerSpaces

Simple Steps for Supporting Students Who Speak Other Languages in Our Libraries

Dewey Free with Joan Fraser-Burton

Accessible Reading Quebec: Empowering Secondary Students with Accessible E-books. With Annette MacIntyre and Andrea Prupas

Making the library a safe and welcoming place with Judith Munger

Creating a safe space for LGBTQ use with Anne-Marie De Silva

Finding Your Zen in The Library with Raphaella Dixon

English book talk – Brome Lake Books


That’s it for this year. We hope these resources prove useful to you and that we see you at the 2018 QSLiN Library Symposium.

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